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I by the river sat…

It had been a tiring day of walking all over Strasbourg, and I decided to rest by the river for a while, see the waters flow by. The river flowing through Strasbourg goes by the rather unfortunate name of Ill (Fr. Il). It didn’t detract from the beauty of the spot or the quiet peace … Continue reading

The textbook shot (for trablogger)

Nothing unique about it, photography 101 really. But I liked the shades so you need must suffer through it. 😀

An evening along the Rhine – 10

Such cheery warmth! It made me forget myself for a while and I kept on clicking pictures. An outsider peeking in through a window, as Jackie so rightly said…..

An evening along the Rhine – 9

As it grew darker, the city poured light onto the darkening waters of the Rhine….

An evening along the Rhine – 7