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The ruins of Augusta Raurica – 2

This would have been your view if you stood, as an actor, upon the stage at the amphitheatre at Augusta Raurica….would you have had the audience eating out of the palm of your hand?

Baker man – 2

The oven is heated with wood, to super-heat the tiles. The embers are removed and the tile floor cleaned of any extraneous ash, and is ready to receive the dough for baking. That little area right next to the oven was where the embers were put; a pot of broth or some meat or veggies … Continue reading

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#11)

The kitchen. The griddle would be instantly recognizable to Indians. I could almost smell the roti cooking on the coal-fire. I would soon be smelling something similar soon enough!

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#7)

Wine rack with amphorae. The basic design remains the same till today..

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#3)

The frigidarium, or the cold bath. I particularly liked the roof with the underwater effect.

Roman tombstones – Pt 2

Dannicus the knight, Munatius from Lugdunum (modern Lyon, France), Metellus……..2000 years hence and your name and mine will be forgotten; these live on.

Roman tombstone

Facsimile of a Roman tombstone for a Celtic warrior. Augusta Raurica, on whom the present day town of Kairseraugst stands was a Roman city up to the 4th century AD. It was one of the biggest Roman settlement this far up North and has the remains of the biggest amphitheater North of the Alps. I’ll … Continue reading

An aromatic August Afternoon

An Indian, an Australian, and a French woman getting a bread baking lesson from an American and and a half (quarter?) Italian in a Roman ruin in Switzerland. Thank you Beth and Christina for a very interesting and lovely afternoon! #AugustaRaurica It tastes better than it looks.

Pun of the Weak (c. Abyssbrain)

Algebra is very simple in ancient Rome since x is always equal to 10. – Abyssbrain It’s actually more difficult. There’s more to it that meets the “i”. – Me