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Rose Festival – Feb 2016

At the fag end of February, Chandigarh celebrates Rose festival. The Rose garden is the oldest theme garden in the city that boasts of a ‘garden of the five senses’, a chrysanthemum garden and many more. Roses are in bloom in February and the rose festival has been a presence on the city calendar since … Continue reading

Rose garden – a tribute

A stone immortalizes the names of the two men most instrumental in planning and executing the Rose garden in Chandigarh. MS Randhawa and MN Sharma not only dreamed up the concept of the rose garden but were also responsible for the panning of every tree-lined avenue in the city. A lot of the natural beauty … Continue reading

The path well trodden

An old couple sitting on a park bench watching the sun rise, a path behind them. It said a lot to me so I posted….

The fire within..

A bright morning.

Taarey zameen par (stars on the ground)

I was clicking for jewels, got stars instead…

Raindrops on roses (well, dew)

My next photo-trip was to the Rose Garden, so get ready for more flowers….these aren’t very special but I likes the way the morning sun lit up the first, and the textures on the second.

7-day Nature challenge – Day 5

Thanks to Amy (do click the link!) for nominating me for this challenge. She’s a terrific photographer; her macro work and her shots of Texan parades are a treat to behold, not to mention her Grand Canyon vistas! Chandigarh celebrates its Rose festival in the end of February. The Rose garden is at its best around … Continue reading