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I woke up today with an immense sinking feeling. I was bathed in sweat and I felt as if my whole world had been taken away from me. I couldn’t move a muscle, even opening my eyes made me feel worse; I wanted to crawl into myself and die. Everything seems so pointless and so … Continue reading


I was but a faded verse Annotated on a page Not one stroke could I reverse Though I struggled for an age   The dog-eared corner of the book Half-hidden like a venal sin Turned down, so you’d overlook The dark inked stain that lay within   And time helped further to erase And no … Continue reading

From a ghazal by Akhtar Shirani

दुनिया का तमाशा देख लिया, ग़मगीन सी है, बेताब सी है उम्मीद यहां इक वहम सी है, तसक़ीन यहां इक ख़्वाब सी है दुनिया में ख़ुशी का नाम नहीं, दुनिया में ख़ुशी नायाब सी है दुनिया में ख़ुशी को याद न कर. ऐ इश्क़ हमें बर्बाद न कर…… I know the vanity of this world, … Continue reading

Childhood revisited

Took the day off from work to take my daughter to her pre-school orientation. They ask some parent/guardian to come along the first few days so the child isn’t overwhelmed by the new environment. The play area reminded me so much of my early school days. Grass and sand, not cement underfoot. Shady mango trees … Continue reading

The quiet flow

How deep the undercurrents flow I barely sense them now Scarcely any else would know Where they stream and how. A dulling mind, a quieter heart A thicker shroud around The silence that one keeps apart As people mill around How deep the undercurrents flow No wave gives them away No whispered winds above them … Continue reading