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1% DNA

“Chimps and humans have a 1% DNA difference…imagine what heights another species 1% more different than us in the same direction would have accomplished!! All our mysteries from dark matter/energy to origins of life would be basic school studies for them…..” – Neil deGrasse Tyson I’d like to add – “Imagine what their mysteries would … Continue reading

A Universe From Nothing: Why There is Something rather than Nothing – My Review

The author fails to explain his central thesis, which is how he perhaps succeeds. Once you read this book you might appreciate the quirky wit in the opening sentence, and see how inevitable it truly is. If you can wrap your head around that preamble, go ahead and read this book. Be warned, this is … Continue reading


The little things that you never link to each other! “Helium” was named so because it was first identified in the light absorption spectrum of the sun and only later isolated on earth.

Sex and happiness?

Victo over at doctorly asked a question in her recent post. Does sex lead to happiness or is happiness in sex because two people feel close enough to have and enjoy sex? I don’t think I’ve answered that question, but I re-read my reply and found it mad enough to post it myself, for those … Continue reading

The Ghosts of Evolution – my review

The book, at first, reminded me of Shaw’s rather mean-spirited review of a budding author’s manuscript, “There’s too much space between the covers.” Reading the book, I found myself skipping words, then sentences till by the end I felt like Spiderman, able to leap over entire chapters in a single bound. But brickbats apart, I … Continue reading

An eminently readable book

A very infectious book. Once I started it, I found it hard to put down. The author Dr. Neil Shubin, draws you effortlessly into his world and holds you spellbound with its wonder and majesty. An excellent first book for anyone still believing that humans are, somehow, “special” and divinely created, separate from the rest … Continue reading

Double standards on Archaeology, be sure of what you believe!

I have been reading some blogs that talk about how much archaeological evidence there is for the stories of the bible. And the first thing that struck me was, how are the believers joyously proclaiming their “victory” over bible-deniers basing their claims on archaeology, the one field they always, always deny when it comes to … Continue reading

Gaping holes……

Read a blog by a pastor today. he talked about a “naturalism of the gaps”, trying to turn the ‘god of the gaps” theory around. He claims that atheists start with the supposition that there is no god, and theorize how existence came into being without him. I could not understand his logic here. Maybe … Continue reading

I’d want to believe……

I have been an atheist for some years now. It was a sudden but not a major shift. Not having grown up in a religious home, it wasn’t very difficult for me to give up the idea of an all-powerful entity controlling the world. I was always at the edge, but it never occurred to … Continue reading