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Mes Trois Amour

I fell in love with three women in Paris. I know, some of you might think, “Just three????” 😀 But I couldn’t help it. I knew two of them from before I met them; the third had only recently become an acquaintance. I could have spent days just gazing at them, like some love-sick poet … Continue reading


Four times I’ve been to Basel, stayed in the same hotel, and never before laid my eyes on this almost quintessentially Indian symbol. Right down to the bright, almost garish, colours and the slightly exaggerated expressions: there had to be an Indian influence here…

Fondation Beyeler – 3

Apart from the excellent Monets on exhibit, the Fondation Beyeler also has a permanent collection of Picasso on display. I’ve never been a fan of his work, so I’m sorry but someone else will have to post those. 😛 Some evocative pieces of sculpture did catch my fancy. Here is a representative sample of those. … Continue reading

A modern offering

The guy seemed like he had brought an offering on his ipad to the shrine of Triton…..