Shai ropa

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During our walks on the slopes of the mountains near our guesthouse stop, I came across this lovely flowering bush. I had to click it of course, but as I went in for the close-up pics, I caught a faint odor that was most incongruous; I sniffed again and again, I looked around for an … Continue reading

A river flows through it…

This lovely river flowed right across from where we were putting up in Shai Ropa. It was lovely, sitting at night, nursing a drink and hearing the noisy waters bubbling by…

On the way back….

After a refreshing break at the Chhoi waterfalls, we made our way back to civilization, by another route. This time we chose to scramble down a dried rivulet-bed. There are hundreds of these seasonal streams in the mountains, they lie dry throughout the year except during the monsoon, when they flood up and become one … Continue reading