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Pun of the weak 

Why do pirates make the best buddies?  Coz after all, what is a friend but a fiend with an Arrrrh!? 

Pun of the weak 

What did the racist Rastafarian say?  “You ain’t the right kind of hue, man!”

Pun of the weak 

Do seamen aspire to a “C” grade? 

Sigh Baba sayeth #56

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain” – Anon ..after that life is about trying to survive pneumonia….- Sigh Baba

Sigh Baba sayeth #55

“If you want comfortable journey of life, reduce the luggage of expectations.” – Anon No, you buy a better car… — Sigh Baba

One liner Wednesday 

​Two places you find cubicles… Offices and toilets. Coincidence? 

Pun of the weak 

Did you hear about the comic who’s best joke fell flat?  It was a mishappuning. 

New Word Tuesday

Trumpate (v.) /trʌmpeɪt/ – To pompously talk about something a person has no idea about.

Pun of the weak 

Will Hillary going to jail in a Donald presidency be another example of trumped up charges ? 

Pun of the weak 

I don’t make mean puns, I strive for above average at the least..