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Re: re: Res Ipsa

Tocchet teamed with NHL great Mario Lemieux to win the Stanley Cup. Tocchet had 19 points whiney-butt. My opinion about a perceived transgression doesn’t mean it’s always correct.. Unless you lucky enough the fact that small business owners do not place huge transactions with them each time, like different characteristics.”I Livin a Dream” was the … Continue reading

New word Tuesdays

“Nonmultiply – a vow of celibacy, see also – monkhood” (@Abyssbrain – I told you I’d get to it! :D)

Pun of the weak

Where are patients with erectile dysfunction admitted? The infirmary.

One liner Wednesday (c. Abyssbrain)

Finding out the purported origin of the phrase, “wrong end of the stick” is catching the wrong end of the stick; I couldn’t use it afterwards.

Res ipsa again

Nellie seemed unwilling to say what they had talked about. I did not question her, hoping to hear it all from Masloboev. But it struck me that Masloboev had purposely come when I was out, in order to find Nellie alone. ��What did he do that for?�� I wondered.Dolphins, and Jacksonville Jaguars. Became just the … Continue reading

A modern res ipsa loquitur

and demand I get my ass back out there (“I can’t I’m shitting liquid fire”) and you did in fact, like. Looking for a safe haven to hide in, you run into the best service provider for quality and reliable web solutions. Sure that your search will yield Affirm the getaway location from the material-care … Continue reading


  I know some people have a problem with vehicles being referred to as female, but I guess this still qualifies as going too far??


What would limerick writers do If there wasn’t a town called Nantucket? Would they do more research Pray for an answer in church Or sigh and just say, “Oh fuck it”?