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Coins – the Museum at Augusta Raurica

Some examples of the beautiful coin collection at the museum. It’s hard to believe these were minted over a millennium and a half ago, both because of their extraordinary state of preservation and for the manufacturing quality.

Stamp block – Museum at Augusta Raurica

Coin stamp block from a mint in Augusta Raurica

Silver salvers – Museum at Augusta Raurica

Most of these were between 2-3 feet across.     

Roman silverware – Augusta Raurica


The Museum at Augusta Raurica

The museum at Augusta Raurica boasts the biggest hoard of silver ever unearthed at any Roman ruin. In the coming days I will post more pics of this truly amazing collection. A beautiful necklace starts off the collection and I can only rue the fact that I didn’t use a smaller aperture and gotten it … Continue reading

Mundane Monday #11