Strasbourg Cathedral

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Cathedral square

And since I am fond of panoramic views (and slow-motion videos) to the point of weirdness, here’s one of the square outside Strasbourg cathedral.  

Strasbourg cathedral – 30

A final view of the west facade of the cathedral as we left it…

Strasbourg cathedral – 29

A view of the beautifully painted roof on the way out.

Strasbourg cathedral – 28

Strasbourg cathedral – 27

A last look at the orrery. A small side-note; the clock shows the completion date of the clock as 1842 but it was completed in 1843… A last note for any of you who happen to visit Strasbourg, there’s a reportedly wonderful display of models of Jesus and the apostles walking across the clock at noon-ish. … Continue reading

Strasbourg cathedral – 26

A portrait of Copernicus, perhaps to commemorate the man who turned astronomy on its head, right next to an ecclesiastical clock in a church no less.

Strasbourg cathedral – 25

Each piece was so exquisitely crafted. A globe (I assume) in front of the clock.

Strasbourg cathedral – 24

Another view of the Astronomical clock at Strasbourg cathedral. This is the perpetual calendar. More information on the clock can be read here.

Strasbourg cathedral – 23

Strasbourg cathedral is famous for it’s astronomical clock. The details can be found at its own wikipedia page. For me at the moment, I just admired its beauty…This is the orrery, showing the solar system.

Strasbourg cathedral – 22

Another example of the beautiful art on display at Strasbourg cathedral. Yet again I was at a loss to understand the story behind the painting, so I satisfied myself with admiring the work itself.