Strasbourg Cathedral

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Strasbourg Cathedral – 21

In the thronging multitude I found this silent, ignored chapel (I think it was a chapel) with a solitary statue brightly lit in the dark from what source I could not gather…

Strasbourg cathedral – 20

Art is everywhere at Strasbourg cathedral. Wherever you turn your eye there’s something lovely to behold.

Strasbourg cathedral – 19

A closer look at the roof of the apse at Strasbourg cathedral.

Strasbourg Cathedral – 18

Another view of the apse at Strasbourg cathedral, I could not take my eyes away from the beautiful murals.

Strasbourg Cathedral – 17

The painting was craftily lit-up so I doubled back to click it. At the moment, I was too engrossed in clicking pictures, now I wish I had known enough French to join the guided tour…

Strasbourg Cathedral – 16

One of two beautifully carved, painted, and gilded wood panels at Strasbourg cathedral. There was another one of course, but I couldn’t get a good shot of it. Their name slips my mind…

Strasbourg Cathedral – 15

A view of the intricate woodwork on the roof. I miss the age where everything that had to exist was deemed worthy of being made beautiful…

Strasbourg Cathedral – 14

And a lost shot of the pulpit at Strasbourg Cathedral. It was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen (mind you, I’ve only seen the one! :D)

Strasbourg Cathedral – 13

One more shot of the magnificently carved pulpit at the Cathedral.

Strasbourg Cathedral – 12

One view of the pulpit at Strasbourg cathedral. I had no idea (when I clicked the shot) that this ornately carved structure was used for so everyday a task. 🙂