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Thankfully, we were not left to starve in Strasbourg. Bagelstein to the rescue! 🙂

Toi? Non.

I hadn’t thought of posting this one, but why the hell not? It was my first experience of racist hostility. I won’t name the cafe/restaurant where they refused to serve us; “ask the grandchildren”. The place looks inviting enough though with its warm Edison bulbs.  


Petit France

A last view of Petit France from my vantage point by the riverside.

Walkin in Strasbourg – 12

Another patisserie in petit France. Apparently in Strasbourg, all restaurants, cafes and such close by around 2 in the afternoon so if you need a bite to eat make sure you’re well in time. 🙂

I by the river sat…

It had been a tiring day of walking all over Strasbourg, and I decided to rest by the river for a while, see the waters flow by. The river flowing through Strasbourg goes by the rather unfortunate name of Ill (Fr. Il). It didn’t detract from the beauty of the spot or the quiet peace … Continue reading

Walking in Strasbourg – 11

A polar bear for some reason marketing crepes, burgers, and sandwiches…

Walking in Strasbourg – 9

The sound of the plane reminded us that we had not traveled back in time….

Walkin in Strasbourg – 8

I wondered what lay behind those (what I assume are) attic windows…

Walking in Strasbourg – 7

The shop windows were so tastefully decorated and so inviting, I ended up buying my first cliched souvenirs.

Walking in Strasbourg – 6

After the cathedral, we went for a stroll through petit France, the quaint old neighborhood of Strasbourg, pretty much untouched by most modern architectural blights. The ornate carved timber was a treat to behold, as were the window-sills stocked with bric-a-brac