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Walking in Strasbourg – 5

A street musician in Strasbourg. I loved the dog in the guitar case. 🙂 I tried to get the man to look at the camera and smile a little, but he refused to acknowledge my presence… I decided the dog was a little better as the model.

Street photography – Basel (16)

An arresting picture in another shop window..

Street photography – Basel (15)

Came across this mask in a shop window….it spoke volumes, so I clicked a silent moment.

Street photography – Basel (15)

A refreshing use of old wooden pallets….Am I over-sharing???

Street photography – Basel (13)

Some views of the Tinguely fountain. A pity that I haven’t been able to visit Tinguely museum despite being in Basel twice. I’m always in office during open hours….

Street photography – Basel (12)

The statue of St. Elisabeth. It stands near the church dedicated to her memory.

Street photography – Basel (11)

A dragon clutches the Basel coat of arms

Street photography – Basel (10)

An antique furniture shop (why didn’t I use google translate on the spot…..)

Street photography – Basel (9)

A street cafe patiently waits for its patrons…

Street photography – Basel (8)

The old decorations, and the new….