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Just a small update to those who know and care: the surgery went well, no complications and I am on my way to recovery. I’m not spending a lot of time typing since that’s still strain, but I hope to be back to business soon. 🙂

Lal Singh

Reading a post by Victo reminded me of someone. Around 2009, five years into practice I had started doing Phaco cases. One of my first patients was Lal Singh. An octogenarian farmer, what you’d call ‘son of the soil’, always dressed in a simple white kurta-pyjama and a blue turban with a saffron band, a little … Continue reading

Sepia tints

My grandfather’s first surgical case, late 1930s. The funny thing is, I don’t have any similar pic from my stay in the medical college. That’s him standing in the background observing the dressing of the wound. It was an above the knee amputation. And Izza, this is KEMC, Lahore in the 1930s. 🙂


I know specialisation is the need of the hour among doctors and we’re sub-subspecialising to insane limits, but is there actually a need for a European Skull Base Society?? What’s the matter? All the cranial bones together too much for you?


Sita, 45 years old. My first completely independent cataract surgery case. Kapal Mochan Eye Camp, Yamunanagar. Hard to believe that over a decade has passed……..


When I decided upon and got my Ophthal residency, I was justifiably elated. It was, in some ways, a dream come true. One of the peculiar side effects of that however, was that I became very careful with my hands. Ophthal surgery, as you can imagine, is extremely delicate work. In cataract surgery for example, … Continue reading


  Pterygium excision and Conjunctival autograft. One fo my first cases. Just saw a video on YouTube and decided to go ahead. I think I’ve done over a hundred maybe, with no recurrence. Found this folder on my hard drive…..