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Walking in Interlaken – 2

One of my first rewarding shots was this beautiful old house constructed almost entirely of wood. Turning the corner I saw the main door – built in 1736! It was much later that I found out this home is a local tourist attraction.  

The ferry to the rock

The second ferry finally arrived  and we clambered on. It took it’s lazy, circuitous route to the landing platform at the base of the rock, giving us some lovely views of Rheinfall head-on. The shutter speed on the picture below is 1/320th of a second, that should give some idea of the flow of the … Continue reading

Another Clocktower

I began to realize they are all colorful….

Restaurant at Laufen Castle

It was a breathtaking view, if only I had been there ar lunch-time…

Laufen Castle – 4

Visitor’s centre at Laufen castle. +

Laufen Castle – 2

A view of the falls from the battlements of Laufen castle. How could anyone shoot an arrow out to such beauty?

Laufen Castle – 1

A water trough in the courtyard of the castle. Couldn’t have been for horses so I wonder…..


My first view of Rheinfall, climbing up to Laufen castle.. I went for a broody mood for the pic