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Titisee – 17

A last look at the Sunday bazaar as I left Titisee-Neustadt. A charming little market with some good bargains and a lot of touristy stuff. I bought a lovely hand-made cuckoo clock from the place. What was more, the gentleman gave me a discount and it turned out cheaper for me to get it shipped … Continue reading


Titisee – 15

Boats at the pier. I wished I were a child to slide down that chute…  

Titisee – 14

This lovely specimen of a fossil ammonite was on display outside a gentleman’s house, along with some other pieces of local minerals. If I had been an extrovert. I would have rung the doorbell…

Titisee – 13

HIgh up on a tree, spring was literally in the air! 😀

Titisee – 9

I wish I could have framed this better, but it was too lovely a picture of restfulness and quietude to not share.

Titisee – 8

Soft against the sky…

Titisee – 7

I sat under the tree for its shade and then looked up…

Titisee – 6

Petals floating above the shallow lake-shore…

Titisee – 5

I have always been fascinated by plants growing out of tree-stumps. It always reminds me of Jeff Goldblum’s hammy dialogue in Jurassic Park, “Life always finds a way.” 😀

Titisee – 4

Under the peach-blossoms…