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A few views of Rhine falls as I descended to the observation deck… My first attempts with slow shutter speeds (live and in broad daylight too).

Laufen Castle – 2

A view of the falls from the battlements of Laufen castle. How could anyone shoot an arrow out to such beauty?

Random Swiss clocktower

I like how they keep the clock-faces so colorful! A small town enroute to Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall from Zurich.

An evening along the Rhine – 5

Off to find another eating joint..

An evening along the Rhine – 2

Attempting some National Geographic like effects, so stay your critic tempers…..

And the sun had set….

I hope I am able to do justice to the pictures following this one, these I clicked with the most hope!


One of the many warm, inviting places I would have loved to dine in. Made it into a few, others for another time maybe?

More shots of the Ruuthuus, Basel

Frescoes for TMM… and a tower for me. 😀


A cast metal model of the Minster. I’m standing among the trees to the right of the replica. 🙂

The Blue Rhine….

The view from the rear of the minster, across the Rhine into Klein Basel.