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Basel Minster

A close-up of the carved balustrade and the elaborate door.

Basel Minster

Basel Minster, re-built in the 14th century by Johannes Gmund. A close up of the clock face and the sun-dial, plus the mosaic roof. As you can see the sun is late, the tardy thing!

A modern offering

The guy seemed like he had brought an offering on his ipad to the shrine of Triton…..


Details from the main post-office building, Marktplatz, Basel.  

Ruuthuus (Basel)

Ruuthuss (Townhall) in Basel. A 500 year old building that dominates the central marketplace (Marktplatz) of Gross Basel. Let it not be said that Punjus are the only ones who like gaudy colours! 😀

Ars gratia artis (2)

Suitably last of the Kaiseraugst pics. Next, I frantically tried to translate Swiss German so I could buy a ticket through the ticket machine as the train chugged in (there were no manual ticket counters at the place). I managed to just jump into a compartment as the train started to move and left that … Continue reading

The die is cast

Very awful joke I know, but I couldn’t resist. This is an artist’s impression of how Augusta Raurica must have looked in its heyday, cast in metal.


  I love panoramic shots, so here’s another one.

BBQ spot

I only wish I had some patties and kebabs and I would have had a treat! There was even a little wood ready to be used…

The world is too much with us…

The world is too much with us….. But that’s not how I felt at that moment. When I took this picture I felt just as it looks here…me, nature at a distance (those lovely tinkling cow-bells!), and humanity far, far away.