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Roman silverware – Augusta Raurica


The Museum at Augusta Raurica

The museum at Augusta Raurica boasts the biggest hoard of silver ever unearthed at any Roman ruin. In the coming days I will post more pics of this truly amazing collection. A beautiful necklace starts off the collection and I can only rue the fact that I didn’t use a smaller aperture and gotten it … Continue reading


The inscription mentions two kids, Olus 12 yrs old and Fuscinus 16. A rare find, from Augusta Raurica

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#11)

The kitchen. The griddle would be instantly recognizable to Indians. I could almost smell the roti cooking on the coal-fire. I would soon be smelling something similar soon enough!

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#9)

Roman Carriage. Almost through with the villa, the museum comes next. 🙂

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#8)

A piece of the actual wall with fresco, so beautifully restored.

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#7)

Wine rack with amphorae. The basic design remains the same till today..

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#6)

Roman villas occasionally had shops up front selling meat or metalware or cloth (some even had prostitutes available, hidden away in a back room).

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#4)

Views of the Caldarium, the hot bath. The Roman system for heating the room was ingenious, a great example of how ancient engineers solved problems that we struggle with even today. For details you can check out Wikipedia

Reconstructed Roman Villa – Augusta Raurica (#2)

           A view of the triclinium, a formal dining room. Roman meals were eaten while reclining on couches (which are sometimes called Roman sofas today). It was a leisurely activity, lasting a few hours at least. Mosaic floors were common (one such floor unearthed in Pompeii has a mosaic depicting food … Continue reading