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Basel Minster

Basel Minster, re-built in the 14th century by Johannes Gmund. A close up of the clock face and the sun-dial, plus the mosaic roof. As you can see the sun is late, the tardy thing!


Details from the main post-office building, Marktplatz, Basel.  

Ruuthuus (Basel)

Ruuthuss (Townhall) in Basel. A 500 year old building that dominates the central marketplace (Marktplatz) of Gross Basel. Let it not be said that Punjus are the only ones who like gaudy colours! 😀

The die is cast

Very awful joke I know, but I couldn’t resist. This is an artist’s impression of how Augusta Raurica must have looked in its heyday, cast in metal.


  I love panoramic shots, so here’s another one.

BBQ spot

I only wish I had some patties and kebabs and I would have had a treat! There was even a little wood ready to be used…

The world is too much with us…

The world is too much with us….. But that’s not how I felt at that moment. When I took this picture I felt just as it looks here…me, nature at a distance (those lovely tinkling cow-bells!), and humanity far, far away.

Gladiator’s arena – 2

This is the view of the arena from the Gladiator’s cell. Looking through the open door wasn’t so bad, but as soon as you turn your gaze to the barred door you feel trapped, even thought an open door is right alongside. This is the view from the dais above, a commanding, sun-kissed view of … Continue reading

Gladiator’s Arena

The gladiator’s arena at Augusta Raurica. A nice 15 minute walk from the temple and theatre, this piece is set among some nice trees and has been only partially recovered. What you see in front is the stage where the guests of honour would sit under a cloth awning. the two small doors under the … Continue reading

The ruins of Augusta Raurica – 3

One of the exits from the amphitheatre, the walk out today leads to this : Imagine having your morning coffee in that little balcony every day, looking at the entrance to an historic stage…..