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Sunset in the Al-Badayer

The Al-Badayer is the desert of choice for desert safaris and dune-bashing. You can’t really share the fun of dune-bashing in a pic, but the rest of it can so here are some shots of the sun setting among the dunes. It’s nothing new of course, the sun sets every day, but the sight of … Continue reading

Egyptian art at the Louvre – 8

A (possibly ceremonial) knife with the handle carved out of hippopotamus or elephant ivory. The handle shows a raid or battle scene, the raiding party probably having reached by boats seen at the bottom of the scene. The blade itself is carved from a specific kind of flint stone found in Egypt. There are only … Continue reading

Egyptian Art at the Louvre – 4

Heidelberg – 6

A view of the magnificent facade as we walked into Heidelberg castle. If you look carefully at the lions’ heads, each has a different expression. Started in 1214 with additions going up to the 16oos, Heidelberg Schloss is a magnificent old pile of stones indeed.

Heidelberg – 5

Again, given my penchant for panoramic views, this shot of Heidelberg from near the entrance to Heidelberg castle.

Heidelberg – 4

On the hill across from Heidelberg castle is the Philosopher’s Walk, the Philosophenweg. Paucity of time made me give up the idea of trekking on it, a regret that I still carry.

Heidelberg – 3

A short climb up a cobblestoned path and through a scaffolding and you’re at Heidelberg castle, the whole town spread out below you, the Neckar river flowing through it.

Walkin in Strasbourg – 8

I wondered what lay behind those (what I assume are) attic windows…

Street photography – Basel (3)

A cock mosaic on the wall of a cafe..


My first view of Rheinfall, climbing up to Laufen castle.. I went for a broody mood for the pic