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On my way to Titisee-Neustadt – 2

Sparing was in the air and the smell of freshly-cut grass and turned soil was everywhere.


The first thing we did after settling in was to trek through the conifer forest, along narrow goat tracks at times just a few inches wide and covered in slippery pine-needles, towards the Chhoi waterfall. It was a 6-7 km trek, taking about an hour and a half. This was the target.

Heidelberg – 4

On the hill across from Heidelberg castle is the Philosopher’s Walk, the Philosophenweg. Paucity of time made me give up the idea of trekking on it, a regret that I still carry.

Rheinfall – the rock

All the effort to get to the landing, and then a climb up a steep, narrow stair to a small railed-in platform was worth it to see this view…. I think it CHF 12 or something for this ferry ride, and I would say it’s money better than well-spent. To come here and not go … Continue reading


My first view of Rheinfall, climbing up to Laufen castle.. I went for a broody mood for the pic

Random Swiss clocktower

I like how they keep the clock-faces so colorful! A small town enroute to Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall from Zurich.

At Munich airport

Munich had a refurbished airport with a fresh, cleaner look….

An evening along the Rhine – 3

And the sun had set….

I hope I am able to do justice to the pictures following this one, these I clicked with the most hope!

More shots of the Ruuthuus, Basel

Frescoes for TMM… and a tower for me. 😀