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I’ve seen this before, but it still is an arresting sight; you cut a tree down to the ground, but it rises anew…

7-day Nature challenge – Day 1

Thanks to Amy for nominating me for this challenge. She’s a terrific photographer; her macro work and her shots of Texan parades are a treat to behold. With summer upon us in India, there’s isn’t much of nature to admire right now, but the jacaranda is one of the few exceptions. In full bloom with its … Continue reading

BBQ spot

I only wish I had some patties and kebabs and I would have had a treat! There was even a little wood ready to be used…

A breakfast nook

Wouldn’t you have liked to breakfast here? ……

The Tree of the Numberless Suns

A yellow carpet on a green grass floor A weave unknown to the hands of man Fall fresh each morning countless more To pick one up would spoil the plan That Nature with wind-soft hands does score Mingling patterns with elan   Hanging above on slender supports – The stems bent down by the chandeliers … Continue reading

A Painting – Cellulose and Chlorophyll on Air