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Window-shades/blinds/sills and flowers all over Pt. 2

The same house from Pt. 1, from another angle.

A Chandigarh “Yankee” in Switzerland (Chandigarh folk will get it. :D)

My second list of odds and ends I noticed on my first visit out of India Munich loos stink. I know it was early in the morning and maybe the cleaning crews hadn’t started yet, but still. Germans don’t smile. At least airport authorities don’t. They seem almost offended if you smile at them. Swiss … Continue reading

Swiss list no. 1

I don’t know if I’ll make more lists, but here’s one! A list of the cuisines I tried in six days in Basel- Roman Italian German Swiss Turkish American Chinese Lebanese Not one adventure that I did not like either!

On my way back

Ready to fly back to India. Was a nice trip all in all. I’ll have more posts on it in the days to come, enough to bore anyone. The first day was probably the best though

Off to Basel

I’ll be in Basel over the next week, so I might not be regular in checking your posts or posting mine, for that matter. Just a heads up in case someone starts thinking I’m in a sulk!


If all goes to plan, I should be in Basel, Switzerland this day next week. It will be my first trip outside India (I know! Right?) and if I were half the man I used to be I’d be a lot more excited. Anyhow, that’s not where I was headed with this. What I wanted … Continue reading