walking in Manali

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Unlikely links

This graffiti was a mystery to me when I clicked it, I thought it might be a personal tribute of some sort. That was, until I googled the date and “cycling”; this was the anniversary of the day Albert Hoffman discovered the full effects of LSD, while cycling (hence known as Bicycle Day) in, of … Continue reading

The Mall area, Manali

Another Hindu temple with Buddhist architectural overtones in the Mall area at Manali. A part of the reason for the slanting roofs is the seasonal snowfall of course, but the porticos all around and other clues tell of its composite, syncretic history.

The winding path

The way from our hotel to the old town was via this lovely path winding through boulders down a hill-side; with a couple of level clearings to stand and enjoy the view. With my addiction to panoramic shots, how could I resist?