what to see at the Louvre

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Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 8

There was a room dedicated to scientific instruments of the age: a collection of the cutting-edge technology of the early nineteenth century and some old but tried and tested specimens as well. Literally nothing escaped the hands of the artist, even mundane instruments.

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 4

Apart from the gilded furniture and bright fabrics, the collection also boasts of some fine statues, most copies of Roman or Greek originals long lost to us.

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 3

No surface was immune to the artist’s love for color, ornamentation, and beauty.

Egyptian Art at the Louvre – 7

Ancient glasswork at the Louvre

It is not definitely known when and where humankind learned the art and the science of manufacturing and manipulating glass. Examples of glass objects appear in our common history between 3500 and 4000 years before present. Glassworking developed in the first millennium BCE, when bowls and goblets and numerous other items started to be fashioned … Continue reading

da Vinci at the Louvre

The Louvre has in its possession 4 of Leonardo da Vinci’s known paintings, roughly a quarter of all his extant works. What greater pleasure could there have been for me but to gaze at so many of his works under one roof?  Madonna of the rocks would be well-known to readers of Brown’s “The da … Continue reading