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New word Tuesdays

Grayist – Someone who believes issues aren’t all black-and-white.

New word Tuesdays

Bibendobibuli – Someone who gets drunk on books, and can actually pronounce that word.

New word Tuesdays

“Nonmultiply – a vow of celibacy, see also – monkhood” (@Abyssbrain – I told you I’d get to it! :D)

New word Tuesdays

Thanks to Sabiscuit for bringing this up, or brickbats from those with gentler constitutions… Twos-day – The day after the night you ate from that dirty diner that gave you Salmonella…

New word Tuesdays

In keeping with my blog addiction I’m adding another “daily to-do”. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep it up but if wit fails me, I’m sure the OED won’t. So the word might be something erupting from the compost heap that is my mind or from the hallowed pages of the revered-yet-so-hard-to-find-these-days … Continue reading

Two phrase story #3

“The ringlets curled in the air….. ” ….. He burned his lungs once more. Your turn!

I’m calling my game “Two Phrase Story”

I started this last week and I had high hopes  (Why only high, why not wide as well?) that it would catch on, people would post it on their blogs and then so on. Hubris strikes the scaliest too! Anyhow, to tweak the one rule a little (and I know few of you followed the … Continue reading

Allergic to “E” challenge

I was challenged by Abyssbrain to do the “Allergic to “E” Challenge”. Honestly, I have no idea on how I can complete this challenge! But since he asked me personally, I’ll see if I can do it. Here are the rules of the challenge: Write a whole paragraph (a paragraph sounds easy right?) without any word containing … Continue reading