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Pun of the Weak

Are guys who get circumcised worried about losing their manhood?

New word Tuesdays

Nutwork – What most network channels have devolved to these days. Also many youtube channels.

One liner Wednesdays

Ever get the feeling that people who start their answer with, “Well…..” are either digging themselves into one or frantically trying to get out of one?

Pun of the weak

What do you call a German dildo? The Exact-O.

New word Tuesdays 

Prickly (adv.) – in a way that is reminiscent of a dick.  Eg. Spicer made a prickly defense against charges of nepotism in the White House. 

Pun of the weak

Seeing how they screw customers, it’s not surprising that Sales and Marketing shortens to S&M….

One liner Wednesday

If you want to succeed, get someone else to do it, remember there’s no “I” in SUCCESS! 😛

Pun of the weak

Are anatomy study groups all boning each other??

One liner Wednesday (whatever) 

The moving finger flips the bird

Translation please?

I consider myself as having a good command over English usage, grammar, syntax, punctuation, idioms, and even mangled, pidgin versions of it, but could someone please explain the following message? Are they selling something, or offering something…?