I need to fill this up with much better content than I had populated it with earlier. Why I write a blog maybe? I started blogging in 2009 or thereabouts. I was a newly turned atheist and wanted to converse with others of the same persuasion. We're not exactly a big population group in India! It didn't go very well and I sort of lost interest, posting a few things now and then. I got a lot more regular over the last few months and have been posting almost daily since February '15. There were many reasons why I gradually became more regular in posting, but one way or the other, here I am! So this blog has taken shape, being at different points in time my showcase, my comedy club, my art gallery, my book club, my therapist, my close friend, my innermost self....but always my little corner of the world. You are all welcome to visit and I hope you stay awhile! A few points about me because I don't want to lead anyone on(and trust me this does become an issue more often than I'd care to admit). I'm Indian, the brown-skinned variety; if race, ethnicity or skin colour is an issue, you don't have to get to know me any more than what you see on my blog. I'm 40, so if age is an issue, please be informed accordingly. I was a doctor, an ophthalmic surgeon for 10 years before I quit practice.
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Medieval Arms at the Louvre – 5

Flintlock pistols and muskets manufactured by Bertrand Piraube, France’s leading gun-maker in the 17th century. His works were sought after by Europe’s royalty and are today some of the most prized firearms among collectors and museums across the world. Seeing the quality of the product and the details, it is not hard to understand why … Continue reading

Medieval Arms at the Louvre – 4

As a kid, reading the Three Musketeers and similar fiction, I used to wonder why they were called powder “horns”. Over time, I guess, I stopped thinking about it completely. Much later I found out that they were made of animal horns. These exquisite samples reminded me of childhood in an odd way. The carvings … Continue reading

Medieval Arms at the Louvre – 3

Medieval Arms at the Louvre – 2

Medieval Arms at the Louvre – 1

The armoury section at the Louvre is not a large one; that is fitting, given how much else they have to share with the world. The beauty of the pieces on display though is remarkable indeed.

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 14

Some last picks from the royal collection as I headed out to the armory section and onwards.

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 13

Bling is never far from the sight as you roam through the apartments once inhabited by the French royal family at the height of French opulence.

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 12

Apart from the huge statuary, there are also examples of smaller pieces that showcase the skill of the age on display in the rooms once inhabited by French royalty. I wish I had had the time to go searching for the entire set, but seven hours of interminable walking was woefully inadequate to cover the … Continue reading

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 11

The faces of the seasons. In keeping with the riotous colors and overall expression of the age, these four busts, personifying the seasons are profusely adorned with the symbols of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

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