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Ben Carson debating over who is “blacker”, him or Obama – this has got to be the whitest debate between two non-white dudes ever! 

A tribute to Bill Watterson

The political humor of this cartoon by E P Unny in today’s paper will be lost on people outside India. But the tribute to the genius of Calvin and Hobbes’ creator, over 2 decades after he washed, dried and stored his paintbrushes, is beautiful in its own stead.

And b*****ds lose no time in making more money.

http://www.tribuneindia.com/news/chandigarh/rs-27-000-for-a-delhi-flight/199122.html Air travel was the only open route from Chandigarh to Delhi the last couple of days because of the Jat agitation. So airline companies decided to fleece desperate travelers and jacked up the ticket prices. Normal economy airfare from Chandigarh to Delhi is INR 5000-7000, that went up to INR 27000 (reported in the … Continue reading

A city under siege

To explain my last post, Rohtak was my surrogate home for over a decade. I went there in 1994, I did my MBBS and MS there. I experienced hostel life, made new friends and spent probably the best time of my life in that backward, deprived, filthy city. It wasn’t heaven, not by a long … Continue reading

…..Rohtak burns

Aamir Khan……Sigh!

A fellow blogger posted this about the recent brouhaha about an Indian film star’s comments on tolerance (rather the lack thereof) in India. Here’s the post I like playing Devil’s advocate, so let me ask some questions too. 😀 1. What exactly could the son of a super-rich father be scared of? 2. Are these … Continue reading

Ode to humanity (anon)

हम अंधेरी गुफाओं से निकले मगर रौशनी अपने सीनों से फूटी नहीं हमने जंगल तो शहरों में बदले मगर हमसे जंगल की तहज़ीब छूटी नहीं अपनी बदनाम इंसानियत की कसम अपनी हैवानियत आज तक साथ है तुम भी मजबूर हो हम भी मजबूर हैं क्या करें ये बुज़ुर्गों की सौगात है We left the darkened … Continue reading

We won’t win……

We can keep crying, we can keep getting shocked, we can fly our flags at half-mast, write little poems of sadness and pin them to flowers, light candles and march in silence, tie ribbons on bridges, hear our leaders express sorrow and decry the inhumanity of it all….we can keep doing this and more. Again … Continue reading

The Holy Cow!

Thousands of people starving to death in our country and the government wants to fund food for cows that no longer bear milk! #lunatics

Political post after a long time, but I needed something to blow off steam

From bogus land acquisition bills to claiming credit for international crude oil price fluctuations to an insipid budget to steamrolling parliamentary opposition in the name of democracy to curtailing RBI’s freedom to film censorship to rewriting history in their own image to silence on Hindu fanaticism to to silence on corruption by govt ministers to … Continue reading