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Sigh baba sayeth

The journey from a neophyte to a maestro is one from having no control to choosing to not control.

An ancient story

Allow me to tell you a short story. It has to be short because it was inspired by a small set of squiggles on an ancient artifact, and my Holmes-ian attempt to deduce their origin. Here’s the piece. A man sat outside his hut, fashioning pots out of the riverside clay. He might be using … Continue reading


ब-ईं सैले ग़मो सैले हवादिस मेरा सर है कि अब भी ख़म नहीं है। मजाज़ Ba-een saeley ghamo saeley hawadis Mera sir hai ki ab bhi khum nahin hai Majaaz Despite the pain and hurt bestowed My head yet remains firm, unbowed.

Two lines to my heart

अब तू ही मुझे समझा कि तेरी रज़ा क्या है ऐ दिल तुझे समझाते हुए थक गया हूँ मैं Ab tu hi mujhe samjha ki teri raza kya hai Ae dil tujhe samjhate hue thak gaya hun main I’m tired of trying to make you see Old fool, what do you want of me?

One liner Wednesday

I separated from my wife due to creative differences: she kept dreaming up new reasons to fight.

Thoughts on life

Love is the journey from idealisation to dehumanisation.


Borrowed joy,  Words that soar,  Smiles aplenty,  Grins galore.  Temporary,  Not my own.  When will you,  Recall your loan? 

Six word story 

Metaphorically, he was quite the man.

Six word story 

No two emotions are mutually exclusive 

Six word story 

He’s in love with her love…