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Avengers-my review

Went and saw “The Avengers” last night, finally. Joss Whedon as director was an added enticement. Plus an action flick in 3D was bound to be watchable! The film begins metaphorically, in mid-sentence. The SHIELD already has the tesseract and is trying to harness its power and so on. I was left wondering what the … Continue reading

The Reader – My review

Finished watching “The Reader” the other day. Had to watch it, what with the reviews Kate had got for it. Came back with mixed feelings. It starts with an older Kate, in her 30s, having a secret affair with a teenage boy almost half her age in post-War Germany. Passionate and intense, it almost consumes … Continue reading

Revolutionary Road – My review

>I finished “Revolutionary Road” last afternoon. I do recommend you watch it if you can get your hands on it. Not going very often to the theatres I’m not sure if it released in India or not. Maybe you can’t find it in DVD stores too, who knows? Back to the movie, it’s another deconstruction … Continue reading

New York (film) – My review

Saw the movie “New York” last evening. Ages since I last entered a theatre. Seema seems to remember it was in December last year. There was a time when going to the cinema was a magical experience for me. The smell of popcorn, the dark mysterious theatre, the images coming to life on a grand … Continue reading