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Godless morality…

I have been debating with a few people online about morality. Essentially, the issue is, is morality a given in an atheist universe? Are there any objective standards of morality in the absence of any god? Is it just a subjective set of rules that may vary from nation to nation, group to group, even … Continue reading

An enslaved mind asks for physical slavery…..

http://www.kuwaittimes.net/read_news.php?newsid=NzQ3NzY0MzE%3D   This article is a must read. It boggles my mind that an apparently educated, liberated (?) woman could spout such nonsense. Could any human being ever support human slavery in this day and age? How could it ever be called defensible? It is such an abhorrent concept! And yet, here she is, openly … Continue reading

My religious views

> I am against organized religion. Have been for ages, even before I knew what it was exactly I was against. The whole idea of certain specific rites to be performed and certain ideas to be held sacrosanct over and above us mere mortals even if it was proved time and time again that those … Continue reading

Roots of morality?

Morality. It’s a question I can’t get out of my head. And I don’t mean morality as it’s interpreted today, in terms of sexuality. Who’s having sex with who and how and are they married and what not. That seems to be the only thing morality is concerned with today. Greed, corruption, theft, murder are … Continue reading

Follow up on the Shiney post

Just to prove right what I said in my last entry, the very thing I was warning against happened in Delhi. It seems there was this police inspector posted in a New Delhi area who was coming down hard on local crime. So the wife of one such criminal thought, “why not?” and yelled “RAPE!”. … Continue reading

Shiney’s trial

Shiney Ahuja has been in the news lately. For all the wrong reasons, though. Accused of rape by his maid, he’s in custody and being investigated. I don’t presume to know the facts of the case so I won’t talk about his innocence or guilt. He might have done it (people better than him have) … Continue reading