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Medieval Arms at the Louvre – 1

The armoury section at the Louvre is not a large one; that is fitting, given how much else they have to share with the world. The beauty of the pieces on display though is remarkable indeed. Advertisements

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 14

Some last picks from the royal collection as I headed out to the armory section and onwards.

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 13

Bling is never far from the sight as you roam through the apartments once inhabited by the French royal family at the height of French opulence.

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 12

Apart from the huge statuary, there are also examples of smaller pieces that showcase the skill of the age on display in the rooms once inhabited by French royalty. I wish I had had the time to go searching for the entire set, but seven hours of interminable walking was woefully inadequate to cover the … Continue reading

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 11

The faces of the seasons. In keeping with the riotous colors and overall expression of the age, these four busts, personifying the seasons are profusely adorned with the symbols of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Sigh baba sayeth

The journey from a neophyte to a maestro is one from having no control to choosing to not control.

Lamha Lamha – by Deepti Naval – my review

I’m not a fan of free-verse, whichever language it might be in. However, Deepti Naval’s poetry is captivating. Not for its technical prowess or command over meter, but for its powerful imagery. Deepti consistently manages to evoke the most intense, personal images with such simple words; she cannot fail to pull the strings to your … Continue reading

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 10

Onward from the very interesting scientific instrument exhibit, and it was back to the bling.

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 9

Atlas holding up the world is part of an ancient Greek legend. My introduction to this Titan came from the stories of Hercules’ labors, where he got Atlas to help him steal a golden apple from Hera’s garden. The Greek myth had Atlas holding up the sky but later figures showed him carrying the earth … Continue reading

Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre – 8

There was a room dedicated to scientific instruments of the age: a collection of the cutting-edge technology of the early nineteenth century and some old but tried and tested specimens as well. Literally nothing escaped the hands of the artist, even mundane instruments.