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Burgenstock – 11

Before heading back, I had to take a solo shot here…

Burgenstock – 10

A view of Lake Luzern from the Burgenstock plateau.


The souvenir shop at Burgenstock had a glass-floored balcony that I just happened to step out on. I had to call everyone over. The shoes represent three continents and eight countries… 🙂

Burgenstock – 9

It’s not easy to appreciate a 360-degree view in 2-D, but I have no other option but to share this vista in this limited manner. The original file is over 100 MB; I’m just waiting for holographic technology to kick in… 😉

Burgenstock – 8

A rather big specimen of bracket fungus accosted us on our way back. Used to smaller examples, maybe a couple of cms across, these ones, over a foot long (each), were a surprise to me.

Burgenstock – 7

Our stroll through the woods led us to these vistas… The beauty of the place enveloped us all, and we each slowed down to his/her own pace to enjoy the afternoon.  

Burgenstock – 6

A perennial favorite of mine: like a verdant, benevolent Hydra – one tree falls and a hundred plants arise to take its place.

Burgenstock – 4

Through the looking glasses. 😀

Burgenstock – 3

Good company, good conversation, and the wine flowed…

Burgenstock – 2

We sat down for a delightful lunch at the Restaurant Verbena at the Burgenstock resort. Fine dining on an open terrace in the cool breeze on a sunny afternoon, surrounded by verdant meadows blooming with spring. It was one of my best experiences in Switzerland.