Chandigarh culture

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Rang-e-Rekhta (Shades of Urdu)

Thanks to Kritika, who I can’t thank enough for letting me know that this event was being planned in my own town! A wonderful gathering of some great poets, and some terrific, terrific shayari. The rightmost gentleman is the oldest living Urdu poet in India, Gulzar Dehlvi. Aged 92, his voice belied his years. And … Continue reading

Art at the carnival

Some examples of art, fresh off the canvas from the Chandigarh Carnival.

Chandigarh Museum

Some might say that a city that’s not even a century old shouldn’t really have a museum, but we do. There isn’t much to show save for some mammoth fossils and random artifacts unearthed when the city foundations were being laid, but so what? The museum was closed the day I went for a walk … Continue reading