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Chandigarh carnival eight months ago – 16 (Bits and Baubles)

Some costume jewellery on display…

Chandigarh Carnival eight months ago – 15

These beautiful artworks below are breath-taking examples of the traditional Indian art form commonly called  “Rangoli”. You can find out more about rangoli here. Also called  Kolam, Mandana, Chowkpurana, Alpana, Aripana, Chowk pujan, Muggu, Golam kolam or kalam, it is a very popular form of folk art. These artists though, have elevated it far beyond its … Continue reading

Chandigarh Carnival, six months ago – 10

The easel and the canvas….. The canvas behind the easel….

Chandigarh Carnival, six months ago – 7

The dancing troupe waded into the spectators….. Without a doubt, the smiling-est face among all.