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Sunset in the Al-Badayer

The Al-Badayer is the desert of choice for desert safaris and dune-bashing. You can’t really share the fun of dune-bashing in a pic, but the rest of it can so here are some shots of the sun setting among the dunes. It’s nothing new of course, the sun sets every day, but the sight of … Continue reading

Burgenstock – 9

It’s not easy to appreciate a 360-degree view in 2-D, but I have no other option but to share this vista in this limited manner. The original file is over 100 MB; I’m just waiting for holographic technology to kick in… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Burgenstock – 1

Our short walk from the landing area to the Verbena restaurant went along this lovely vista. Green meadows all in flower leading to far-off alpine peaks and the sound of cow-bells tinkling floating up the slopes… Think the cows are an exaggeration? Take a gander ๐Ÿ˜› Another, almost aerial view…such serenity! One can almost feel … Continue reading

On way to Titisee-Neustadt – 3

Dream places to live in….I imagined how fun it would be to be a kid living so near to a wood…

On my way to Titisee-Neustadt – 2

Sparing was in the air and the smell of freshly-cut grass and turned soil was everywhere.

Comes the dawn

I know I’m boring people with my incessant talk about cycling over the weekends, but with vistas like this within pedaling range, I find it hard to resist! ๐Ÿ˜€

Fondation Beyeler – Monet 10

Another from Monet’s poplar series. I don’t know why he was so attracted to these trees; I’ve only known them as a ready source of timber for making plywood. Here, though, I revelled in the springtime pastoral scene, devoid of human or animal touch though it was.

Spiez – 10

The landscape of the charming little town of Spiez is dominated on one side by this curious mountain. It’s like the Alps gave in to the Swiss insistence on order and symmetry and gave them this custom-made hill. I don’t know what it is called but to me “Der Pyramide Berg” sounds most appropriate. ๐Ÿ™‚

A river runs through it

One of the many panoramic views of Basel I took from atop the highest building in the city. The wind shear was a surprise, but I managed to hold steady.

Daniell’s India – my review

  A lovely collection of engravings, printed on excellent, quality paper. It’s an art book and a must have collectible for connoisseurs with an interest in Indian history. These are beautiful snapshots of India at the end of the eighteenth century and offer an unparalleled glimpse into a long gone time. Each picture is to … Continue reading