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Daniell’s India – my review

  A lovely collection of engravings, printed on excellent, quality paper. It’s an art book and a must have collectible for connoisseurs with an interest in Indian history. These are beautiful snapshots of India at the end of the eighteenth century and offer an unparalleled glimpse into a long gone time. Each picture is to … Continue reading

I’m betting that was the best scene in the film….

Perpetual City – My review

It’s a small book, not a scholarly tome on the origins and development of India’s capital. That is not what Malvika’s book is about. What it does instead, is act as a time capsule. It brings to life a Delhi nestled between the powerless masses and the powerful classes. A genteel, upper middle class life … Continue reading

The Invention of God – My review

It gets one star for one chapter that is plausible; at least it seems so after wading through the rest! I started this book with high hope. I had interacted with the author on FB and I thought I was in for an in-depth study of how geologic phenomena influenced and shaped nascent human comprehension … Continue reading

Two Phrase Story #25

I provide the first phrase and you complete the sentence and we see in how many different directions one thought can be taken…. This week’s phrase “I read the last page…..” My attempt “…….and closed my eyes, letting the story continue in my mind.” Your turn!

A Universe From Nothing: Why There is Something rather than Nothing – My Review

The author fails to explain his central thesis, which is how he perhaps succeeds. Once you read this book you might appreciate the quirky wit in the opening sentence, and see how inevitable it truly is. If you can wrap your head around that preamble, go ahead and read this book. Be warned, this is … Continue reading

This or That?

Challenge hosted by Rae @ BookmarkChronicles. This week’s challenge is…. Do you buy your books at physical bookstores (like B&N)                              OR Do you buy them online (from places similar to Amazon) I’ve been buying from flipkart and amazon for over an year now. I refuse to spend 10k at a bookstore and have the … Continue reading

The Mahabharat Quest : The Alexander Secret – My review

Here’s a link to this book review. I haven’t done these in a long while….

Mussourie and Landour – Days of wine and roses — My review

Just a small review on goodreads.com… Here’s the link.

One liner Wednesday (c. Abyssbrain)

Are book-lovers who keep store their books horizontally truly on the level?